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Here is a video shot this summer at the workshop. A big thank you to Frank Marty and David and Stéphane from TF1.


Gary O'Slide

Thank you Gary O'Slide for this video recorded with a 1.5 mm cow bone jazz shape (small holes grip).  Here is the link to Gary's website  : Gary O'Slide


Manfred Junker

Thanks to Manfred Junker for these three videos. Manfred plays here with our triangular shape with rounded attacks in 1.5 & 2mm in different natural materials.

Here is the link to his website:


Ahmed Azhar
page facebook

Thanks to Ahmed Azhar for this video recorded with our 1.5mm cow horn jazz shape. Here is the link to the different sites of Ahmed:


Toma Feterman
La Caravane Passe / Soviet Suprem

Thanks to Toma Feterman for presenting our picks on the trailer for his album "Paris Swing".  Here is the album link on Deezer: Paris Swing  & La Caravane Passe groups and  Soviet suprem


Jeff Chalaffre
Lorlanj / Wazoo

Thanks to Jeff Chalaffre for this great video presenting our picks. Here is the link to his site: Jeff Chalaffre  and thanks to Lilian Puech from Gameinfotech Musique

cliché Pierre Honoré.JPG

Bernard Minari
Mando Duo

Thanks to Bernard Minari from the Mando Duo group for this nice presentation of our models for Mandolin.  Here is the link to the site of this great mandolin duo: Mando Duo


Olivier Boulhic
Les Têtes Molles

Thanks to Olivier for this video presentation of our new horn models.

You can listen to Olivier on his youtube page: O live blues29  and his group Les Têtes Molles

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