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Bottlenecks in marble, "Marblenecks"
Here is a selection of marble bottlenecks handmade by Kriss Colomes in south of (more info at the bottom of the page)

            Marble Bottlenecks : Kriss Colomes' Marblenecks

The marble slides are entirely handmade by Kriss, a marble worker in Toulouse, with marbles from the south of France.

They can be used on electric guitars as well as on Folk. The finely polished stone offers a pleasant touch to the finger and a beautiful palette of colors.
The Marblenecks are supplied with a self-adhesive tab that allows you to adapt the slide to your finger for a good hold & with a pocket ofstorage.

In terms of sound characteristics, marble offers a good balance between glass and metal. The sounds are warm, round and soft with more bass than for other materials like glass or metal. The weight and thickness of the marblenecks provide comfortable playing with beautiful note, attack and harmonic holds. Depending on the pressure exerted on the strings, the density of the marble allows you to play with the tones and the sound can be very clean or very roots.

For the dimensions we present here 2 lengths: 5 and 6 cm (long/short) and 2 different inner diameters: 1.8 and 2.0 cm.

On some models, Kriss also makes a manual collar (notch) to fold the knot more easily.

Links: Marblenecks facebook page 

Presentation video