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Description of our picks & the spirit of our workshop

Picks handcrafted in France

... Natural

Our picks are made of natural materials that offer a rich and varied sound palette. Deer bone and antlers provide a rich, powerful, and bright sound. The horn is softer and gives a warm and mellow sound. Wood, a round and soft sound.

... Versatile

Our picks are suitable for all types of playing and instruments. The jazz form is popular with jazz or blues musicians as well as musicians playing rock or metal. The standard shape adapts to each of your instruments and playing style. The triangular shape is popular with bassists but also mandolin players.

.... Reliable and robust

The materials we use are naturally hard and resistant. They offer a long lifespan and the picks gradually take on the shape of your game.

… offering precision and comfort...

We take great care in the finishing of our pieces. The natural materials and the polishing that we carry out offer a very pleasant touch and a good playing comfort. The edges of the picks are chamfered and the tip finely worked to allow you a precise and fast attack.

... and the joys of a hard pick

Our picks, no matter how thin, are never flexible. They allow you to obtain a beautiful playing dynamic, precision and to make the bass harmonics of your instrument heard.

… 4-handed work

We are a couple of artisans, Arielle and Jean. Former archaeologists, we created our workshop in 2013 and are passionate about this traditional craft of our valley.

The manufacturing steps in our workshop in the French Pyrenees

Some visuals of our picks in natural materials

"Sounds Natural" 

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