"The picks that I was desperate to find one day. Plastic products have so far forced me to not always satisfactory rectifications, with the horn you can have a plectrum without flexibility so with a precise attack but without aggressiveness no" reinforcement "and with a 3 mm and rounded end we are in the velvet we can put the treble on the instrument and avoid a slightly pasty sound for a jazy like me is really a plus"

Jean-Michel Z.

Morbihan, France


"An excellent and affordable product. The central hole offers an impeccable grip. On an acoustic they offer a round sound, very bluesy ..."

Jean-Louis P.

Val d'Oise, France


“They are really fun to use and well finished!
I admit at the beginning to have ordered out of curiosity of the materials used and by spirit to support "Small local traders", but now know that I am conquered and speak about it around me "

Emmanuel B.

Aisne, France


"The picks are excellent, I have a slight preference for jazz with holes, which hold well in the hand and which allow you to be really precise while keeping the characteristic sound of the cow horn, I really like!"

Raphaël M.

Tarn & Garonne, France


"I have received and tried the picks, they are superb and easy to play"

Jean-Noël P.

Puy-de-Dôme, France


"Great job! Beautiful horn picks that I highly recommend"

Olivier B.

Morbihan, France


"Thank you very much for these picks.

Magnificent object. I received them, they are great "

Nicolas R.

Vaucluse, France


"Well received the picks .... THEY RIP !!!!!!! I love it! They are really great (little preference for bone and deer antler)

Well done !!!! in my opinion I would only use those !

Jeff B.

Loiret, France


"Thanks for the build quality, they are beautiful. I have a great sound on my guitars a Fender Telecaster and a Gibson Les Paul! "

José I.

Pyrénées Atlantiques, France


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