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Reviews of our guitar picks
from the Google page of the workshop and our Facebook


"Received a recent order...these picks are super beautiful and more effective! Thanks again to Valley Picks for this quality work and the kindness that goes with it..."

Philippe R. / November 2022


"Frankly at the top for guitar or bass, and always a nice little word with the delivery... excellent work"

Fabien S. / November 2022


"Far more beautiful, more natural and more pleasant than plastic plectrums. To be adopted without reservation."

Guy S / November 2022


"What a great discovery!! First of all concerned to encourage this beautiful craftsmanship, then curious to try these beautiful objects, I was won over. Following great discussions with Jean, he convinced me to try more picks. In terms of electric guitars, really convincing and I am getting used to it more and more for acoustics. In addition, we get stunning changes in sound, depending on the material used. In short, a success that I recommend !!"

Jean-Luc Q. / November 2022


"Bravo and thank you again for your picks, the quality of your work, its originality, without forgetting your kindness and your availability. Long life to Valley Picks"

Swing 40. / October 2022


"The best of the best picks! I bought quite a few, of different thicknesses and materials, I love their finish, their aesthetics...

and above all: the different sounds they generate!"

Daniel D. / November 2022


"An excellent assortment of picks, made with care, small jewels. Very friendly pre-order and follow-up. Thank you very much 🎶"

EC / October 2022


"Very professional, neat seller. A real know-how on the products sold.
I have ordered picks twice and the result has always been impeccable.
With always more surprises 😊 I recommend."

Maxime D. / October 2022


"Valley Picks France . A single address for a pick. Plus friendly advice welcome. Very pro :) "

Michel L. / October 2022


"Really incredible plectrum craftsmanship, down with plastic, for a guitarist, a natural material pick is another dimension, jump at the chance to try and move on to another dimension of guitar sound with a natural plectrum, in addition Jean is very grateful for the loyalty of each musician."

Vincent E. / September 2022


"I gave my dad some guitar picks for his birthday, and he was thrilled with them. He thought they were very nice and told me he couldn't wait to use them!
I would like to thank all the attentions of Jean de Picks Valley for the small gifts/packages and for the time taken with me to exchange and adjust the picks to the potential needs of my father. A big thank-you ! I will not fail to recommend your workshop and your expertise to me. I wish a good continuation to Valley Picks!"

Suzanne B. / July2022


"I bought a set ... very beautiful objects, perfectly made and each with a different sound and outfit .. great!"

Pierre N. / July 2022


"I have been using your picks for almost two years, excellent for anyone who likes an excellent hold in the hand and over time I still recommend them well done and long live Ariège thank you olivier"

Olivier W. / July 2022


"Super goldsmith pick. A delight to play and great welcome, I really recommend it more than warmly. Great with a folk, if you try one, you can't take anything else"

Laurent M. / May 2022


"Always a short phone call to exchange and confirm the order from the craftsman, it is very pleasant! Great quality work, well done!!!"

Hervé E. / May 2022


If you want to leave an opinion on our picks, you can do so on the workshop's google page, here is the link:

Link to the Valley Picks google page

It's a good boost for the workshop because the google ratings and reviews help us to be better referenced on the internet :)

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